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02-25-2009, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by SerenityRick View Post
I play in a friday night league every friday as the goalie. I made the mistake of getting all my equipment online (this was 2 years ago) and thus, my current pads are wicked small. I think only 28" if that's possible.
I've been doing ok with them but I'm a big guy and I look rather silly out there with these tiny pillows attached to my legs.

So I've been looking for a relatively cheap upgrade and ran across the "Nike Bauer Vapor XX senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads" for only $250 (34-36")

Will I be able to do butterflys alright with these? again, the pads I currently have are too small and just designed poorly when it comes to butterflys.

Now i've been scouring google and such for any kind of reviews on these bad boys. Haven't heard bad or good things about bauer/nike.. that's when I decided to post this.

With that in mind I only play in the winter from Nov-March and it's only every week. Sometimes every other week so I don't really need or want to spend a lot of money on really really decent $1200+ pads. But at this point anything is better than the small puppies I have now.

Thanks for any help!

I couldn't tell by your post if you're playing ice or ball hockey but the Vapors are definitely not suited for ice hockey. If your playing ball hockey, go for it.

Originally Posted by Ragss View Post
Ive heard bad things about the really cheap bauer pads. The cheapo pads from any brand are generally crap.

My reccomendation is check ebay every day for a good deal on used pro gear. I got a pair of Vaughn Velocity 7000's for 200 bucks.
Nice! Great deal! Mine cost $1500

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