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02-25-2009, 08:26 AM
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Whatever new philosophy or system Torts brings in, and to whatever degree it will actually be implemented im sure of a few things

Tonight, the Rangers are going to play to win the game, not play it not to lose. Thats a function of how Tortorella sees the role of the coach. Renney was all x's and o's. Torts sees the coaching position as more of a guide, with the systems stuff secondary. Hes going to let them go out and do their thing now. Whatever the outcome its going to be good for this team to wipe everything clean and just play hockey. If it goes to overtime we will not see Betts. Right there in a nutshell tells you something. Thats the motivation by coaching behavior this team has lacked for years.

What im concerned about is that not everyone will be on the same page. Some might still think the best way to win a game is 2-1. Thats normal for the first couple games. We'll probably see some cross ups and passes to no one. Its all about communication between the players, and i think the coach wants to read who are the true leaders on this team and who is going to give an unconditional effort out there. The word unconditional is important in that sentence.

Let's keep in mind this is also against a team thats not that great. With all due respect for a 56 point team in Toronto, this is a perfect place to start a new season. On the road, with less pressure, a new coach and a team that you simply have to outwork to give yourself a good chance to win. Play basic hockey, bring it back to square one, and go to the net. Simple. The rest will come.

With all that said. It could be a good night, or more of the same. I get the feeling that tonight could rest on Lundqvists shoulders, as it usually does, but we'll see flashes of whats to come. The interesting thing is, if they all come to work tonight and try to impress the coach we should see a similar game to what we saw in October. If thats the case we are in good shape - because i believe this team has it in them. Lets not forget this team for a good part of the first half of the season would not give up. In many games they were down they came back, so that resolve is there. (taking a word from Renneys book) thats a quality we know is present despite their recent woes. This team does have a heartbeat in there somewhere.

With the Canes, Florida and Buffalo losing last night - these are two very big points - so i really hope that they find a way to get them.

Lets Go Rangers!!!

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