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08-23-2004, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Ott = Snott
So let me get this straight; 39 games and a decent playoff run is enough to be considered a top 10 netminder, if not top 5 by some fans around here, but the same amount of games is way too low for him to make 2.95 million?
You got it. The guy has got no track record. Tell me, if Andy Delmore was eligible for arbitration after his big year, should he have got 4 mil or so?
It seems to me, the arbitrators project based on 1 year that the guy will continue to do that in the future that which he had done in that previous year. The arbitrators seem to ignore a that a guy can easily revert to his previous performances (like a 2.8avg for Kipper in his previous 40 games which is terrible, but which is seemingly ignored), instead thinking that a guy will continue his merry way to superstardom, kinda like Giguere who led the duckklings to all of the non playoffs last year with a 2.62 avg.

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