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02-25-2009, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Green13 View Post
What is wrong with you people? Theres no rule if your right hand dominant you should use a left stick. Most of the NHL is using left sticks because growing up they are taught to use left sticks from their development coaches.

This is because having your dominant on top = better stick handling and thats what the coaches found most important. But that doesn't mean its the end all answer, it just depends what you find more important for your game and comfortable.

I already stated the pros and cons of dominant hand on top or bottom but the benefits aren't evident if your uncomfortable; therefore comfort is first priority, and if you can play either side, then decide what aspect you want to be better at.
It's not a set rule, no. But it's also not an absolute rule set in stone that right handed players must use right handed sticks like the other guy was claiming.

And it's not development coaches who buy the kids the sticks. It's the kid who goes into the store with their parents and figures out which one he's comfortable with. And if hockey is the first sport, odds are he picks the lefty stick.

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