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08-23-2004, 03:55 PM
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That is true, TB...

of course I was giving an extreme example, but apply that to most anyone. But since you think the award should be given to the MVP of the team (meaning, if you take a guy off the team then the team would be in worse shape), then isn't it difficulty to give it to a guy who shows up in less than 1/2 the games and appears in less than 5% of the innings played by that team? Seems as though a lot has to happen in order for a team to get into a situation for Gagne to be effective.

We'll agree to disagree here. Basically you're saying that the MVP of the league has to come from a winning team, preferably one in the running for the playoffs, otherwise, if you took him off that team, that team couldn't be much worse since they already stink. Me, I feel that all players should have a chance to be MVP and that the league's MVP should be the best player, and he can play on a crappy team for all I care.

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