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08-23-2004, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by fullmetalninja
There are 10-15 franchise Dmen in the NHL...

Hammerlik is not one of them. Its that simple.

So shuffle the chairs on the Titanic? Or wait and see what you have with a kid with more physical tools.

And Kvasha is better than very few in the NHL. Sorry. He's as soft as butter and has had 1! count them 1 15 goal season(this last year).

Kvasha is a less talented version of Eric Daze(Daze w/o the shot maybe?). In chicago, Daze has almost been run out of town 4-5 times... what could possibly lead you to believe that we would want a less talented version of the same thing?

Hammerlik is a good dman(but not great), but entire league is not taking pointers from your GM. This is not a seller's market and you aren't going to get nearly this much of a return.

But the Yashin thing.... now that was funny. Yea we'll get in that "long line" of teams waiting to get Yashin... I mean, I know we owe you guys one for the Karpotsev deal, but do you really think anyone would take that contract?


Nobody said Hamrlik was a franchise Dman. Nobody has every said that, in fact. But, you do not have to be a franchise dman to be worth more than a prospect and mid-round pick.

And, I don't know what you've seen in Babchuk but to suggest he has more "physical tools" than ANY of the players discussed in this thread (Hamrlik or Kvasha) is ambitious to say the least. You'll be lucky if he develops into half the player Hamrlik is right now. I would personally not be shocked if that particularly prospect never made it to the NHL as a regular.

When did I suggest that the Hawks would want Kvasha? But, that not withstanding, Kvasha is nothing like Daze. He is not a goalscorer, and is much better defensively. Kvasha is primarily a playmaker. And, as inconsistent as he is, his 51 points would have been behind only Arason on the Hawks. Saying that he is another version of Daze suggests that you know little about this particular player.

A SENS fan suggested the Hawks might take Yashin. That wasn't something Islander fans in this thread even hinted at (or frankly, would want to happen).

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