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08-23-2004, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by fullmetalninja
Babchuk will turn 20, he's 6'5" skates well, and had the hardest shot in the AHL. He is still raw, but if you think the hawks are still "a few years away", then why in the hell do you trade a 20 year old kid, for a 30 year old?

Wow, he's 20? That means he's...great!

He's 6'5" is Kristian Kudroc!

Hardest shot in the AHL...that means a lot in the NHL!

Why trade for a 30 year old?! True. Over the hill. Funny thing is, you couldn't get NJD to trade a healthy 40 year old Scott Stevens for your 20 y/o AHL star.

Proven quality? Who needs it? After all, who needs to win Cups? Just give us as many kids as possible!

To be sure, sarcasm and exaggeration is included in the above post, but please! The obsession and absolute unfounded bias with age, even for a lousy team like the Hawks, is so ridiculous among some fans.

PS - Looking for a "franchise Dman" for that package from Chicago?!


Darth - Agree 100% on your assessment and rationale regarding Demitra. He and Yashin would likely put up nice stats in the regular season. But your point about the need for "warriors" and the playoffs is spot on. Sure, I'd welcome Demitra...if you first had a Roberts/Shanny/Simon/etc. type on the left side on that line (pipedream).

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