Thread: Proposal: Duncan Keith to montreal
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02-25-2009, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by grabo84 View Post
You missed the point completely. Isn't it interesting that the worst defenceman, by your measurement of even strength goals against, play big minutes for lousy teams? And that the best defencemen, by your measurement, play similarly big minutes for the best teams in the league?

I'll give you a hint. What you have is essentially a plus/minus stat, in that it is influenced dramatically by who a player has playing with him, and how strong his team is. This should make it pretty clear that its an inadequate measure of a players general talent, effectiveness, or skill.
Still ******** that it trashes the myth that Kaberle is any good at defense, are you?

Let me pose a question back at you - did you consider the possibility that those teams are where they are BECAUSE of the play of the players on them?

If you didn't follow that, it's not that Kaberle is not supported by the inferior teammates around him, it's that he's one of them.

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