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08-23-2004, 07:42 PM
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and is much better defensively. Kvasha is primarily a playmaker.

Being a Hawk fan, of course I've watched Daze a lot more than Kvasha, but to say OK is better defensively than the never to be Selke winner Daze, is a misread on player evaluation IMO.
I've always like OK and thankfully AND finally, he has improved in that he is a team contributor with his refined off. skills and should show more to come.
As far as the trade thanks. I'll stick with the raw talent of Babchuk and Daze's wonky back instead of the completely passive ( yes, Hamrlik is a good passer, the best part of his game, not what I mean though) two players proposed.
Daze will never be a cruncher,but will go full flight into a corner with or for the puck (only) , something I've never seen OK or RH do, while Babchuk has shown that he is more than willing to turn up his physical game when the opportunity lies. As far as I'm concerned, Hamrlik's passing,anticipation and positional play are the only assets better @ this point than AB's and a few more year's exp.will see AB matching or at least coming very close in these ingredients.I may be way out to lunch on this but, RH, IMO really hasn't improved a whole lot from his days in TB.
Have I ever mentioned that Hamrlik doesn't impress me much or was it Shania Twain who said that??

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