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02-26-2009, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Tinkeric View Post
Hey everyone, I play in one league that has some beginners that don't know how to control their sticks. With one team in particular, both times I've played them I've been unnecessarily high-sticked just skating through the neutral zone.

I wear a full cage, but both times I exaggerated the play by grabbing my mask and letting out a painful yell. Obviously, it didn't hurt, and I also wanted to draw a penalty. Without a cage, it would have been bad though.

Is that unsportsmanlike? I think those kids should learn from the penalties to control their sticks, especially since other people don't wear any shields.
It absolutely is unsportsmanlike. How can a high stick hurt you if it hits your cage? How can letting out an obviously fake painful yell make a referee make the call? If he doesn't see it, he doesn't see it.

Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Yeah, tell the ref during a stoppage. My experience is they'll call it or they won't in the moment. Getting the penalty from yelling about it won't happen. Don't expect help from the referees after the fact.
What is telling the referee during a stoppage going to do? I have players come up to me all the time with comments about something that happened to them as if it's somehow going to make me magically see what I don't see for the rest of the game.

Referees are watching so much during play that they are going to miss some things that happen. That's the nature of the game. Get used to it.

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