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02-26-2009, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Turbo View Post
I'm surprised this pertinent piece of info, from in the article hasn't been mentioned yet:

League rules stipulate that random testing of 10 teams will be performed once in the season, 10 other teams will be tested twice, and the other 10 three times.

In other words, this probably has nothing to do with the recent stories... it's par for the course and as far as we know it's the only test so far so the team could be in the first list of teams tested only once.
I agree that there are random tests, but it still appropriate to test Roman, Sergei and Andrei because the NHL has started their own investigation into what went on with Pasquale Mangiola.

If you were in charge of this investigation and you were trying to find out what really happened here, wouldn't you call for a drug test? They don't really care about which stripper Sergei had dancing on his lap. It's the drugs and alcohol they are worried about. If I was in charge I would ask what happened to the three guys one at a time to see if their stories add up but you can't believe everything they say, right? "Sergei, did you ever buy drugs from Pasquale Mangiola?", "No.."

Would you say , Ok Sergei said no, we can go home. nothing here or would you say, well let's see first what we find in his blood and then ask questions?

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