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Originally Posted by GScott View Post
And one is a year older. How many games did Voracek play in the NHL last year? That would be 0 so I guess Filatov is already ahead of him since he played 8 games in his first year.
Yeeaaahhh, typical HF board logic...

I never said Voracek wouldn't be good. You're the one who claimed anyone picking Filatov over Voracek was an idiot.
And I stand by that. Voracek prided himself in jr. with his board play. Although it hasn't translated into the NHL game yet, I would rather have a guy with possibly a bit less skill, but is willing to get his hands dirty than a guy who is only effective in open ice. Filatov will catch on, but when? How long will he take? 3 years? 4 years? In that time, if we can use him to get that elusive center, I would do it. Voracek? No way--the guy will be a lot better and more consistent next season, imo.

And I stand by it--a player has to be more well rounded than just being able to fling pucks to the net. If we had a proper top 6, Voracek would be playing the allotted minutes he should be (minimal) and his goal production (or lack thereof) wouldn't be used against him like you tried to do.

Stating that Filatov has 'scored at every level he has played' is a stretch if you are trying to apply it to the NHL games he has played. Voracek started the year scoring at a vapid pace as well. It didn't take long before they figured out how to get the puck off of him.

Other than Filatov's hattrick game, didn't you see how he got manhandled in games? He was ragdolled off the puck li

This team has 4 active players with 10 goals or more this year (and Voracek isn't one of them). That's pathetic. They need someone who can score goals consistently. Filatov fits that mold better than Voracek in my opinion. He's done it at every level he has played.
I agree, but it is better than last year. Considering that, however, I would much rather see Filatov playing exactly where he is. I want this team to grow properly instead of fast tracking guys. Quite frankly if Voracek was AHL eligible it wouldn't surprise me if he would be there too.

I posted his Junior stats merely because they were easy to get on TSN's website. I wish they would list AHL stats for younger players as well.
Why not just go to the Crunch website?

20 points in 28 games with 11 goals for Filatov--He isn't exactly ripping up the AHL-averaging right around 2 goals per month...

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