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02-26-2009, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
mods - sorry if you don't want this to be a stand-alone thread. It will definitely be discussed and I didn't know under which of the 20 Renney threads it belonged.

I have had my criticisms of Renney in the past, and they are a plenty, but now, after hearing him in the Post, I think his next stint as head coach will be even better than with the Rangers (only because he agrees with me). I think he's grown as a coach in many ways (remember the time out debates in his first season when he wouldn't take them and this season he's probably taken more than the prior 3 seasons comined), and that his self analysis and retrospective thoughts will make him better going forward.

Some things noted (again, sorry, I only have a hard copy of the paper): he thinks he should've pushed harder for Sather to sign Jagr (as well as Shanny in December). Why? He felt their departure left too much of a void (a little disappointed he needs to figure this out in retrospect, however, when it was plain as day when it happened).

He also stated there was a struggle all year with internal leadership (didn't see that coming?). In other words, he doesn't think Gomez and Drury were the leaders he had hoped they would be and it was a problem.

Also, he regrets no showing his side that contains an "edge". Basically, he wanted to coddle his stars and not be in their face, and that was a mistake. He believes he should've been more demanding and intheir face.

One thing I always said about Renney is that he's a great analyzer. Didn't think much of what he could during the game (i.e., adjustments), but if he took a step back, he'd be able to see things in the hockey world better than most everyone, and it seems like he did that and I'm glad he and I are in agreement.
Too bad he can't be that way even if he tried. He doesnt have that innate ability inside him to be that way. Its just not in his fabric, and players can read that. Thats why he gets tuned out.

He's got no other edge... like theres some hidden dual personality we've never seen... it doesnt exist.

That is his biggest downfall as a coach.

Great guy, good mind for the game, but his shortfalls in that area goes hand in hand with his inability to coach outside of his comfort zone, and that leads to sub par stretches during games and stretches during the season.

Im sure hell tack onto another team, and i wish him all the best. But hes not the type of coach i would want running my team if im a different NHL team's fan.

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