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02-26-2009, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Foy View Post
So your answer is to once again stoop to people's level? Normally you are a bastion of level headed thought, but recently you've been just talking down to everyone.

Want to know why Caps fans are so quick to jump on Witt? Because we were already stuck with him for years. He refused to play hockey for a full year as a hold out, when the money he was demanding was more than we were legally allowed to pay him under the CBA. He went on extended leave of absences repeatedly. We stood by him when his wife got sick, only to watch him turn into the world's biggest wuss on the ice. Brendan Witt hit people when he was younger. He went after people. He was angry. From 2002 on, the only thing he ever did in Washington was glare at people. He was one of the softest players on an incredibly soft and pampered team. He made repeated boneheaded moves that should have been phased out of his game during that year he sat out pouting about a contract. He went from being a young stud defenseman that our GM touted to us a the next Scott Stevens to being a soft, pampered, whiny baby who's only actual method of playing defense was to glare at people.

After the lockout, we tried to resign him. We didn't have any veteran d-men, and we were desperate. He told us he didn't want to play in DC because A. He didn't want to play for a rebuilding team, B. He wanted to live closer to his home in Florida. Then he went and signed with the Islanders.

The last two times Witt played against the Caps here were the results: A 5-4 win by the Caps in which Witt was -5. A 2-1 OT win by the Caps in which the Caps scored BOTH goals while Witt was in the penalty box.

He doesn't fit, we don't want him, we suffered through his pouting and bellyaching enough. Maybe if you took off your long-island tinted glasses you'd know that there were some intelligent posts on here. It's hilarious seeing our team's history mocked by a fan of a team who hasn't won a playoff series in 16 years.
*stands, claps loudly, wipes tear from one eye, claps loudly, sits down, enjoys watching Ovechkin's goals over and over and over an...*

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