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08-24-2004, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Thanks Darth, glad you understood it. The point was not that Chicago should make that deal, especially given where the franchise is currently. Nor was it that Babchuk will not become a respectable NHLer (though possessing the hardest shot in the AHL is certainly not a good reason why!)

The point was that the 20 y/o was being somewhat overrated here because...he was 20! Meanwhile the 30 y/o was being underrated (at least by one poster) because he was...30!

Guess someone should have told Chicago about Cullimore's age before they signed him. Guy is ...over 30!
I could be an ass and say that someone should tell the Islanders that Hamerlik is not a winner- but that would be "hostile"(unlike the other side).

Cullimore will cost us 2.5 mil- not 4. He also cost nothing but money- when the stated trade was for A) our best goal scorer, and B) Our 2nd best D prospect.

There is no doubt that the hawks *are* interested in Hamerlik and Niinima(and possibly Aucoin). But they aren't about to give up that much for one of those players.

Is that really that difficult to understand? Is it hostile of me to say that Kvasha has little to no value in a trade?...


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