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08-24-2004, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by fullmetalninja
Is it hostile of me to say that Kvasha has little to no value in a trade?...
Hostile? No.

Incorrect? Absolutely.

(Clueless? Nah, we wouldn't use such words.)

Perception needs to catch up with reality regarding Kvasha. To be sure, just one season, but his last one was pretty solid, and resulted in 50+ points and a much more assertive role for NYI, especially when Yashin was out. Despite his recent arbitration award ($1.5M), he is inexpensive. He is also still younger, and posseses size and speed, which have been demonstrated at the NHL level (as opposed to the AHL).

So, he is a valuable trade asset. Perhaps not to your Hawks, if they are comfortable with what they possess at center (Kvasha's best postion by far) but in general.

Adding: how could one correctly decipher that the tone of the original post was sarcastic, yet treat the Kudroc/Babchuk comparison as a serious point?

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