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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
What?? There's a big difference between complaining about every non-call and alerting an official to a recurring problem. Proper protocol is for a player to tell his captain and the captain to mention it to an official during a stoppage. Something along the lines of, "Hey, ref. I understand some of these guys are beginners but could you talk to them about keeping their stick on the ice?" It makes the ref aware of a safety issue, the ref cautions the other team that he's going to start sending players to the box if it continues, then play resumes. Players need to control their sticks and they don't always hit you harmlessly in the cage. I got butt ended in the neck hard enough to have a rectangular abrasion mark for about a week.
No good referee is going to "caution the other team" based on what a player tells him for things like this. The referee is not being fair if he does that. If I'm the coach of a team being "cautioned" by a referee simply because the other team's captain told him something, I'm not happy about it.

The only time I've ever talked to a coach about something the other team has told me was regarding alleged racial slurs. It wasn't a warning because none of us officials heard anything, but rather a piece of advice to the coach that he should make sure his players are keeping their mouths shut. I did that favour for the captain who raised the issue only after making him a deal that in order to keep it fair, that he tell his players the same thing I would tell the other bench about keeping their mouths shut.

Again, referees never see everything. The ONLY answer I can give a player who tells me that something happened to him is, "if it happens again and I see it, I'll call it". Nothing more can be said or done. I can't tell a player that I will watch for something or keep an eye on a certain player because doing that takes my attention away from the rest of the game. I'm not out there to look for penalties to call, and I'm not out there to avoid calling them either. My job as a referee is to react to what I see happen.

Originally Posted by Reckless Abandon View Post
Just yell out **** and start grabbing your throat pretending they hit you there.
Ok. Do that. If I can confirm with my linesmen that you didn't get hit in the throat, guess who is getting the penalty? If I can't confirm that with my linesmen, and you're out there playing your next shift, guess who is likely not getting a call for the rest of the game?

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