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08-24-2004, 03:32 PM
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I can't see how...

[and note, I don't follow baseball much so this is pretty generic]

a guy that plays in less than 5% of the total innings of a team's total innings - in less than 1/2 the games, can be 'much more valuable' than the team's best hitter, by far. Without Gagne, who has appeared in 53 games likely would lose some of those games he saved (35) and maybe won (4). And maybe they lose a few others in non-save situations, but it's difficult to tell. But let's say it's somewhat of a drastic number, call it 18 more losses (about 1/2 the saves).

Without Beltre, who's appeared in 119 games, how many more losses would they have? He leads the team in most every offensive category by a decent margin. He's not a bad fielder (9 errors ain't so bad). It not 'much' less than 18; many may believe it's more than 18.

I dunno...I'll stick to hockey...

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