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02-27-2009, 10:24 AM
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Diving in a rec league is pretty lame. For one, it makes the ref look bad. Plus, as mentioned in another post, it is basically crying wolf. Especially with a full cage!!!! How can a grazing stick cause you to yell out in pain??? I personally would laugh pretty hard at that. Diving is one reason I will never respect Corey Perry, who was the worst diver I've ever seen when he played for London. Guaranteed, it happened at least once a game. It got to the point that you wondered if he had his skates sharpened wrong or something. Purely disgusting.

Just suck it up. What benefit is there to diving in a rec league? It could lead to the game getting more chippy, and I've seen it happen. Sounds like lots of beginners, so full cage is probably the best option. It almost certain, you have a much greater chance of getting sticked, on purpose, or accidentally, the more you play with begginer type players, or those you never really play organized hockey. I did the dive thing once, and afterwards, man did I feel like an idiot.

To answer the question: yes, it's unsportsmanlike. It's unsportsmanlike, no matter level of hockey is being played.

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