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02-27-2009, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
I'm really starting to wonder if flu shots are really that hard to come by in america.
Flu shots serve primarily as a preventative measure for people that are extremely susceptible to contracting the flu. (The elderly, children, etc.)

Flu shots protect you against last year's flu. They don't make you immune to the flu for a year, or something. They only make it slightly less likely for you to catch the flu that was spreading 16 months ago. That's all.

There's no way that anyone could've seen this current outbreak of gastroenteritis coming. It's spread like wildfire and put entire schools, prisons, offices and communities out of commission. It would've been impossible to develop a preventative shot for public use in time for it to be effective.

I'm sure people don't get sick in whatever utopia that you call home, you ******.

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