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Originally Posted by Scarfo View Post
If Parent and Sbisa are solid NHL'rs by October 2010, then we should try to package Kimmo in a deal.

Though he's a fantastic D-man and a fan favorite, his contract is probably the worst on the team.

Kimmo Timmonen is a top 10 defenseman in teh NHL, probably around #6-8. he is worth the money. He is the point of the PP< on teh 1st PK, leads teh team in TOI almost everygame, is a leader for the other d-men and whole team in general

there are players on this etam to argue that there contracts stink. I would never say this about Timmonen.

Timmonen- 6.3 mil
Lidstrom- 7.6 mil
Redden- 6.5 mil
Green- 6 mil
Pronger- 6.25

Also, Timmonens contract was front loaded. This means the last 2 years, we basically are hardly paying him money, and can sell him to a small market etam relatively easily.

But that is teh price you have to pay for top d-men. You are not the first one to bring this point up, but i completely disagree. defense is not teh area where you go for cheaper players

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