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02-28-2009, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
If Kovalev crashes the net and knocks Biron out cold, it's a penalty. But if Kovalev drives the net and has only one place to carry his momentum - between the goalie and the defenseman - and he brushes past the goalie, it's not a call in my mind. It just can't be.

If Upshall knocked over Halak and a goal was scored - I understand why there's no goal. But the puck ended up in the corner and Halak was fine. Where's the harm? It was minimal contact at best and not worthy of a call, in my opinion.

Also, refs aren't supposed to consider the time of the game or the situation, but it's painfully obvious that they do when whistles are put away in the third period and most overtimes. They have to realize what's at stake in the playoff race and give Scottie the benefit of the doubt. He had nowhere to go. He didn't slam into the goalie, he tried to slip through and made contact out of necessity.

There is such a thing as being too protective of goalies and QBs. I find a lot of roughing the passer calls to be weak as well. It's how I feel, I guess.
I guess this is where our opinions are different. I feel you have to take action and call the penalty on the infraction (unforced contact with a goalie in his crease), and not the result. You set a precident if you got into this way of judging, IMO.

That's like stabbing someone and saying it's fine if it's a little cut, but if you hit an'll be charged and prosecuted. It's too late then, the damage is done. At that point, does it really matter?

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