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Originally Posted by chimrichalds18 View Post
i have to do it. jones played 27:43, second highest of anyone for the game. markov had 29:50. and you know what? he didn't look that bad doing it. i think jones makes the most mistakes when he has the puck. i know that sounds stupid, but seriously, he's been pretty good positionally as of late. i think he's stepped up very nicely. fire away everyone
jones ****ing tries to pinch to damn much, that's what pisses me off the most about him. I saw it again tonight. He did it in a critical point of the game but luckily it didn't cost us a goal again (and just for JXC, it was a forward who covered is ass, otherwise it would have been a 2v1 against).

To anyone who has never played before, 27 mins as a forward is like 35-40 mins as a defender. You work much much harder as a forward DRIVING the play as opposed to s defender who is retreating and reacting ot the play, trust me, I've sone both. 27 mins as a forward is too too much.

However, regardless of the number of minute played, Richards is simply NOT money on facepffs. Yes he's had his moments where he's won consecutive critical faceoffs but more times than not we've LOST those key faceoffs as opposed to win them regardless of whose been taking them the past 2 years. We need someone like Joel Otto on the team again. Someone who is great on facepffs and is a specific counter to the best center in the division. For those who don't know we specifically went out and got Joel Otto back in the Lindros days when Messier went to the Rangers. When Mess played for the Oilers, Otto was the Flames center who was ALWAYS matched up against him and he shut him down better than any other center Mess ever played against. Otto was also very good on faceoffs. We need someone like him to be good on facepffs and to also be albe to shut down Crosby (he always seems to kill us).

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