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08-25-2004, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by King Henry I
Here's my problem with this deal: I don't want to lose Kvasha coming of the best season of his career. Hammer and something for Daze and Babchuk, but not Kvasha.
That's a fair POV (and I have no desire to move Kvasha either). Will suggest, however, that you really don't want to trade Kvasha or most players when he is coming off a lousy season. As someone put it perfectly on here the other day (sorry I do not recall the poster to give due credit): players are like stocks. You want to "sell" (trade) them when they are at their highest value. You want to buy "low" (if you perceive upside), as you may very well get bargains.

The question with Kvasha is: has he maxed out as a 50 point forward? Or is he capable of much more? I (and you, apparently) say it's worth waiting to see....Though the center position (and Kvasha is exponentially more effective at center than wing) on Long Island is a position of strength from which to possibly trade.

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