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02-28-2009, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
Opus, I see you calling me out about 8 times in the now locked GDT, because I was the one ragging on Metro the other night. I wasn't able to post much during the game as my girlfriend was over and hates it when I'm on the computer during games. My apologies.

Richards did not have a good night in the circle and I have no problem admitting it. It's something he needs to work on. So does Carter. He won some clutch draws in the playoffs last year and usually succeeds when it's a key situation. Tonight he didn't. I hope this apparent shoulder injury is what made him look so bad tonight.

As you said, it happens.

What pisses me off is the Flyers fan base beating the **** out of the guy (verbally) because of one overtime loss in which he was run into the ground by his coach - and one in which he was +2 and scored as CG pointed out. That's BS. I ****ing hate our fans. Either hate a guy, or like a guy. Don't flip-flop every game. If the guy isn't scoring 5 points a night he's an epic failure. Make up your ****ing minds. The only consistency on this board is the hate for Randy Jones. It's sad.

Where's the blame for the goalie who ducks out of the way of shots? Where's the blame for the coach who puts the fourth line out when the game is slipping away in the first period and leaves in the same goalie who ducks out of the way of shots? Where's the blame for every single member of those PP units that couldn't do **** with 8 powerplays and tons of 5 on 3 time?

Not to mention a ****ing brutal and game-changing call in overtime. There's too much on the line to take away a guy's right to go hard to the net with the puck. But I guess in Gary Buttman's NHL, scoring from one knee in the slot is the only thing that gets rewarded.
And Tim P said after that richards had hurt his shoulder. Makes faceoffs hard

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