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02-28-2009, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Opus View Post
You said it, 'might'. I'll take proven talent over 'what if' every day of the week.

We have a shot to land a player that addresses team needs NOW. A player that makes us a better team NOW. Whether you want to use Pronger or JBo as the player...or even Backstrom for that matter...these players are available and would make the team BETTER. Yet people want to stand pat, how is that not talking out of both sides of the mouth???

In your last post, you brought up that you feel people are on edge/pissed off about the fact that the Flyers haven't won the Stanley Cup in 34 years. If that is indeed the case, then why hold on to a 'what if' (JVR) for a proven guy that helps now? You could argue that if we had Timonen and Coburn last spring...we beat the Penguins, could you not? I'm not saying it happens, but one could make a valid arguement. You could then argue that adding one of the players I mentioned above allow us to better compete with say...the Red Wings? Just a though.

If people are have their panties in a knot about not winning the Cup, but insist we can't trade JVR because he's going to be good in 5 years...then that's their perogative...but I think it's so double standard it's comical. Of course adding a big name player doesn't gurantee a Cup...just like holding onto JVR doesn't guarantee you that he's going to good. However, I like my chances now knowing who and what I have now, rather then 5 years from now when we simply have no clue.

Maybe I speak for myself, but I'd be perfectly fine with a small set-back for the future to win a Cup now.
sometimes you need to gamble. the trick to success is getting the greatest payoff, not the best bet for a little profit.

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