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02-28-2009, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO View Post
why do people actually ignore depth when it comes to hockey??

it makes NO SENSE at all to move Ohlund, SOB or anyone else. You don't go with 6 dmen for the playoffs... hell most teams need more than 7 dmen in the playoffs. The canucks right now have the proper amount of depth for a playoff run. If they deal one dmen, they'll have to acquire another one.

And I'm still shocked at how many people continue to bring up trade Ohlund comments. Maybe you guys just started following hockey or something and don't realize that teams just don't deal assets like this heading into the playoffs. The guy has been an absolute stud in the playoffs. You just don't deal players like this going into a playoff year because they are about to hit UFA status. No team does!!! Looking very likely that Ohlund walks at the end of the year... but just like EVERY other UFA to be on a playoff team that doesn't return, he will walk away as a UFA after a playoff run.

Vaananen is a nice pickup... cost the team nothing and plugs in a depth spot on defense very nicely. Much better move than giving up a draft pick for a similar player (like Carney or Weinrich). I don't expect Vaananen to be any better than those types of players, but when you give up nothing to acquire him, you can't possibly criticize the move.

The only thing that Vaananen cost was Nycholat's roster spot (as he'll likely be waived and sent to Manitoba). No brainer pickup IMO.
Its true that we need depth during our run, but its also true that we do not want to let players go without any return, like jovo. We could have get at least a first round from him that year.

I happen to like Vaananen because we get him for nothing, i dont understand why people are so against it

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