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02-28-2009, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
We gave Jones a dumb contract long before that.
Jones could be signed at the league minimum and some of you guys would complain, I'm not even going to go further. There is nothing wrong with Randy Jones, peoples hatrid runs so deep it's ridiculous. 2-3 games ago he wasn't even on the ice and people were freaking out on the GDT blaming him for the goal...c'mon.

There are plenty of NHL capable players in the KHL.
And then when Holmgren to the KHL instead of getting an NHL defenseman people would be up in arms that he doesn't win by getting the best player possible (cap room aside) for the better of the team. Alberts is an NHL defenseman, like it or not. Those who are playing in the KHL, are there for a reason.

If Vaananen would have waited a week, he wouldn't have been in Sweden. At least then we would have known whether or not he would have been here this year.
I disagree.

Of note, he's not in the lineup for the Canucks tonight. They'd rather play O'Brien. And no it's not toughness, they have Hordichuk up front.

Ossi played decent for us, but he is far from the be all, end all.

They weren't going to make us forfeit games or draft picks.
I wouldn't be so sure of this. I'm sure Snider would have no problem writing a cheque for a fine...losing points/games and picks is another story.

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