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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Look, I am all for getting J-Bouw, but can someone explain to me how the hell this is going to work with the cap?

I mean, if we get him and sign him for 6.5-7 per year, then we are going to be in huge trouble for Coburn's deal.

Briere 6.5
Richards 5.75
Gagne 5.25
Carter 5
Hartnell 4.2
Kimmo 6.33
Coburn 5
J-Bouw 6.75

That's 44.78 million.

You're basically looking at sacrificing everyone else on the roster and there's not even a goalie on that team.

Heck, if the cap goes eventually does drop to 53-54 mill, that's less than 10 million to sign a goalie, 3 defensemen, and 7 forwards.

You're basically giving us a 2 year window before we have to trade everybody and a lot of the guys on that list have NTCs.

First off, Coburn isn't up until AFTER next season, and second, there's little chance he'll be getting 5 mil. He'll still be an RFA so expect soemthing along the lines of 3-3.5 mil. Not a huge difference but still some. Third, we will be out from under Jones' contract by that time so his money goes to re-signing Coburn. Sbisa or Bodrov slide in to take Jones' spot on the roster and the combined salary or Sbisa/Bodrov plus an extended Coburn is about = current Coburn + Jones.

Next, I'd trade JVR for Schneider and an 09. I let Biron walk and re-sign Nitty for 2-2.5 mil. We pay about 3 mil for 2 goalies for the next 2 years insread of nearly 5 mil like we are right now.

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