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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
I don't believe the refs are biased against us (we're just undisciplined), but the we do have a bad reputation and it's already everywhere that the league is watching us very closely.

I mean, this is the league that gave Upshall a call after he had a questionable hit, but to my knowledge, hasn't called anyone about repeated boarding incidents on our players.

So I don't think they'd let us get away with it personally because the Flyers do have a much higher profile than the Devils and there would be a lot more outrage if we did it.
You're taking something based on conjecture and comparing it to something clearly spelled out in the rules, which the NHL willingly looked the other way on.

Originally Posted by Opus View Post
I just have a hard time believing that if Holmgren made it known he wanted Vaanenen a Flyer, and he still opted to go overseas to the KHL. Something, just doesn't add up for me.
He signed before Holmgren was prepared to give a contract offer. I believe he said that Vaananen wanted to work on his game in Sweden, and come back after a season. That and he wanted to stick to his commitment he made. I'd rather have a guy like that than someone who changes his mind (Radulov).

Humour me. What do YOU think the league would have done?
A fine, if anything. Again, the league has no footing. They let someone get away with it, and then they can't even prove that Briere is even healthy, unless he admits it.

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