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02-28-2009, 10:45 PM
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I play shinny with a few AA kids mid to late teens out on a pond and we just take it easy no lifting the puck and extra effort to avoid any contact.

My 8 year old plays and we all tone it down for him.

It depends on who you are playing with and how aggressive you plan on playing, and how bad that ice is on any given day.

We played after Sons practice today on a local rink no pads just a helmet on my son and wife and heavy mittens on the wife. not a single injury and we had a great time for 2 hours with a few other kids.

Ultimately you will want to think about your brain first, then protect vitals on down. If you are worried about being laughed at, wait till the first person falls and hurts a knee or what ever you have protected. You will get the last laugh.
Shinny on a pond or outside is supposed to be fun not to competitive if competitive at all.
If it gets to competitive dress head to toe and let them mock when you just bounce up and they are on their way to hospital.

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