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08-25-2004, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by shveik
I am not trying to equate them, because I would rather have Weekes than Kipper.

Do not get too excited, it is simple percentages. Kipper did not prove a whole lot in the NHL. Many goalies can be "in the zone" for a period of time, but what separates a real top goalie from the "could have beens" is the consistency. Kipper did not have a chance to show that. In addition to that, he wasn't scouted all that heavily by other teams, so it remains to be seen if there are cracks in his game other teams can exploit. If I was the GM in need of goaltending, I would give Weekes a call the minute he became available, and solved it right there not waiting for see if the Flames walk away from Kipper. That did not happen, so I would think that all the teams are rather happy with their goaltending right now. Regardless of how high you may think of Kipper, he cannot be called a top ten goalie in the NHL. Not yet.
Kipper proved everything he had to, to get the award he did... I don't understand why so many people are having trouble with this award???

it's not the arbitrator that decides what the market value of the players will be... they look at the market created by the gms - by the teams - and use that to decide on what players get.... a process like this can never be perfect... you will always have players that the arbitrator just can't pigeon-hole into other players' market value.

but for the most part it's a process that relies on what teams are generally paying players out there.... and Kipper got what he deserved according to that.

he didn't play a full season... but he did *prove* he's a starting goalie in today's NHL... the fact that he didn't play a fullseason, he failed to prove he can be a consistent top end goalie, and as such he didn't get compensated for it.

He is at the low end of all starting goalies in the NHL - and that too on a 1yr contract, so he *will* have to prove everything again... and that's where he should be.... if he didn't have a great 39 games and set new records, then his award would be lower, as he wouldn't have necessarily proven he's a starting goalie calibre player.

but while he didn't prove enough to get the $4+mill that a lot of starters in recent years did, he proved enough to be considered a starter in this league.

and there is no doubt in my mind that if Calgary walked away from his award, he'd be signed up very quickly for at least (if not more) than what the award was for.

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