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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I think that only the Devils were ever over the cap. The league tried to come down on them but they found some loop-holes in the CBA. The league quickly closed those loop-holes and I think that those penalties were added AFTER or AS PART OF the closing of those loop-holes. The league would NOT let us get away with actually being over the cap limit. It's clear cut now, there is no playing with the roster by sending down players between games. Players sent down are now forbidden to practice with the parent club. NHL teams have to maintain a minimum active roster or I think at least 22 players not including players on LTIR.

The only thing that we COULD have done was to declare Briere still unfit for play. At that point the League would have had to file a greivence against the Flyers and try to get their own doctors to evaluate Briere and decide if he was truly still unfit for play. If that were the cae, fines and penalties could be levied retroactive, our staff doctors could lose their license, and as part of the penalties all medical evaluations of players would probably be done by league doctors in Toronto for a certain period of time while we were under restriction.

The point is we weren't getting around this.
What loopholes? Matvichuk was healthy for half the season while he was on LTIR. The only loophole is that they didn't make him bring him off of it.

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