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03-01-2009, 01:14 PM
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One crucial thing for this to work...

Originally Posted by sarge88 View Post
Good point about the problem of people bailing and messing things up but if we have the framework to work with, we can deal with that if it happens, that night.

I meant A level for our group.

IMO, You, Scotia, Rob, LP Bruins (reidy, when he plays) and a few others, who I can't remember are the best players out there, all to varying degrees.

I think that you and Rob would be perfect to choose sides.

But we also need everyone to chime in (unless you two remember everyone's skill level) to remind you guys of their skill level so you can pick the fairest teams possible.
If folks are going to try and put teams together, be honest about your skill level. We don't need "hustlers" out there. It's not bragging if it's true.

Personally, I capped out at the college club level. Which is to say we were a drinking team with a hockey problem.

Not to mention, some of us have represented the same team all throughout these games. We should try to stay constant to keep the, ahem, rivalry alive. Certainly folks should bring both a dark and a white shirt if available in the event of last-minute fallout.

While I hate to see a "cap" on players, it might be a reasonable precaution. I'd love to see a pool on how many we end up with at the actual game though.

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