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08-25-2004, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by FerrisRox
Considering his diminishing returns and huge contract, I think the Leafs would be hard-pressed to get anything of value for Owen Nolan.

But to suggest they would get a premier player like Sergei Fedorov for Nolan is just laughable.

This isn't even close.
Nolan has $7 million left on his contract. Fedorov has ~$30 million left on his. It isn't a case of Fedorov for Nolan, it's a case of Fedorov for Nolan plus what Anaheim could aquire for the extra $20+ million dollars. In a couple years, when Fedorov gets to be 37 or 38 and his play is going into the toilet, his contract will be a dreadful anchor for Anaheim. If they unload his contract now, they'll have a ton of cash two or three years from now to spend on 2-3 quality players instead of a 38 y/o dinosaur. This is why it would be attractive to Anaheim.

If Fedorov and Nolan both had a year left on their contracts, of course it would be ridiculous. But the fact that Fedorov will be owed such a large amount of money at such an advanced age really hurts his trade value. Doubly so if there's a cap, since his contract would represent about 1/4 of Anaheim's total payroll.

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