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08-25-2004, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by modestfwd
Everyone has to shut the F up with this St. Louis stuff.
"St. Louis made it, so xxxxxxx can make it too!"

Bull. Look, bigger players make the NHL more often than smaller players. It is a freaking fact! You cannot dispute that! Yes, it is the heart that matters, not the size, but I does everyone think that just because someone is bigger he doesn't have as much heart?

Would you rather have a 5'10" player with a lot of heart, or a 6'5" player with a large heart?

Just because St. Louis won MVP does not mean that all small players have a very good chance of making it to the NHL. He is an exception. It is very possible that out of 100 small players 10 will make it while out of 100 big players 50 will make it.

Size means a lot in ice hockey, I think a lot of you underestimate how much. If you play/played competitive ice hockey you would know what I am talking about.
When trying to make a team, large players get noticed a lot more.
Size can help you out if you don't have a large very good set.
If a big guy is going the same speed as a small guy, he has a lot more momentum and can hit harder. It also works visa versa, out of two players with equal foot speed, the smaller one is easier to hit.
first who said that because st louis won the mvp that all small players have a good chance?? that isn't even remotely close to what i said...that would be like me saying that tkachuk is a successful power forward because he has size and strength and then you twist it to say "any player over 6'3 220 can be a star" completely pulled that twisted logic out of your ass...

the point about st louis is simply to prove that the idea that a player doesn't have a chance because he is small is complete and utter bullshat...that doesn't mean that all small players can make it, but it DOES mean that lack of size won't prevent a player that is good enough from making it...

and if you don't like the st louis comparision, how bout joe sakic?? steven yzerman? paul kariya? ziggy palffy? theo fleury? mike york? mark recchi?

but of course a smaller player can't make it (which was the original point being responded to before you threw in your assinine logic that has nothing to do with anything)

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