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Originally Posted by doug mckenzie View Post
ok well ill have to disagree with you there .i think theres many guys in Hamiltion who will see Montreal .Weber next year i bet , Maxwell heck even Subban might do it next season . and theres more down there yet guys like David Desharnais and there are other new drafted rookies ready to hit Hamilton

And how many guy in the Habs line up that are first year guys?


Price (first full season)
Ryan OB

Now if Gainey would have been making crazy "Hossa deals" every year then you wouldnt be seeing HOSSA anymore as he would have took off and you wouldnt be seeing most names ive listed above OR names yet to come up still in Hamiltion.

Its a dam high cost to make " Hossa deals" and our club got great strength in its foundation with our youth .Why give that all away for a guy that will play 25 -30 games for you ?

I dont mind Gainey making smart deals like the ones with Lang and washed up defensemen we overpaid to get yeah from Atl and Metro of Waviers from Philly .Those we all smart moves that HELPED the club at a fraction of the cost .
Lets be realistic for a second here. Guys like Desharnais, Glumac, Lehoux, and Russell are nothing more than AHL fodder. Maxwell needs at least one more season in the AHL. O'byrne will be 25 and so it's Habs or nothing for him come training camp. Expecting Subban to step right into a top-6 role next year is a pipe dream at this point. A guy like John Carlson might step right into the NHL, but with Subban's playing style he needs to prove his type of game works in the pros before taking a top-6 spot.

Three of our better prospects (Kristo, McD, and Fish) might not even be signed to a contract for another year.

Yeah sure we have guys in Montreal. But considering the upcoming UFA's, not having them would mean this team would be in the complete pits. Assuming Lang and Koivu don't re-sign, how does Pleks-Laps-Metro-Chipchura-Maxwell sound as our center core? I'm gonna go ahead and answer that one; pathetic.

I never said to trade a bunch of prospects and roster players for a Hossa. If anything, my point is that the window of opportunity for the current core is closing and closing fast, and given the impending UFA's there's not much up front in Hamilton that can step right in. Take from that what you will, but it's the truth.

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