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03-02-2009, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bodybreak View Post
when did this eye gouge happen? the only time it seemed steve ott had the upper hand was after moen delivered 16 punches to the head, jersey'd ott, and then tripped on the end boards...

i'm pretty sure it is, judging by this quote: "You don't like it when a guy eye-gouges you after a fight"

isn't there a rule allowing for suspensions when a known goon starts a fight late in the game (never mind after the horn!) or is that just a fine to the coach for putting him on the ice? either way, how does moen not get intent to injure for taking on a player who can't fight back, because he is wearing a cast? and why don't the officials do anything more than just stand and gawk? those guys should be getting fined.

friday should be fun.
I believe the eye gouge happened when both guys were on the ground, immediately after they fell. Moen starts kicking his legs almost immediately like something's going on. That's when I think it happened.

The officials didn't seem to handle the end well at all, imo. I think an instigator was missed, but I think it should have been on Giguere and Moen a third-man in.

The rule you're talking about involves instigating.

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