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03-02-2009, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Duuuuuuuuuuvie View Post
At the end (34 second mark of youtube clip), when Ott is on Moen you can see Moen's legs start kicking- I'm guessing because he had a finger in his eye. Then you can see the ref actually pull Ott's hand back when he saw what was going on (about 38 second mark).

Also, isn't Ott's RIGHT hand injured? The referee pulled his left arm back so I don't believe it was the casts faults.

I'm only going off of deductive reasoning here, but this looks intentional to me.

Not to mention, it all started because Ott hit Nieds three times- twice after the buzzer. He made his bed in this one.
Ott has a cast on his hand and if he fights with it on he will get a suspension. That is why Moen and is zero NHL ability decided to jump Ott. A Cross-Check to the lower back happens in almost every game in the NHL. Does that give the right for 4 Ducks players to jump a guy who since he has a cast on and who can't defend himself because of it be explained logically? one sentence it can..***** **** MOTHER ****ERS.

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