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08-26-2004, 02:00 AM
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I played football, and was at the time, like 5'8" and 170. Strong safety. I was definitely smaller than some of the guys on the field, but I dragged their ***** down, or made the coverages... Barry Sanders wasn't very big... Deion Sanders wasn't very big... but I'm sure, to be a successful HB, you need to be Jerome Bettis... to be a successful CB, you've got to be... John Lynch... (ss, I know...)

In hockey... as has been stated... there's a LOT of guys who are smaller who get the job done. Bure is 5'10' and 185... not a large guy by any stretch... he tore some ***** up, in his day...

If you think size and power is an edge... than maybe speed and agility is an edge for the smaller guys. It's an even mark. For every powerhouse Scott Stevens... you need the shiftiness of a Chris Chelios. For every hard-charging Forsberg... you get a nimble Sami Kapanen...

There's a balance out there... and 9 out of 10 goalies would rather face Tkachuk on a breakaway, than Sergei Samsonov...

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