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03-02-2009, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyers84 View Post
Yeah now that the rivalry between us and the Pens has escalated, I only really hate the devils on gameday, haha.

As for your question...for me, moving Briere would not be wise decision when considering how much he can produce down the stretch and in the playoffs. That being said, I think what we really have to address down this particular stretch isn't really the offensive numbers Briere brings to the table, since we've done really well without him. Defense is what needs to be addressed. If it took trading Briere for the likes of Pronger/Kaberle/J Bo, then I would do it.

All in all, he has a no trade clause. You really have to look into that sort of thing and consider the fact that Danny had to decide on many things before signing with us (family, where to live, school districts, best cheesesteak place, etc.) He won't be traded, but it he could be for any of those 3 d-men, I'd do it.

EDIT: Kimmo has the flu, he was not sat for cap issues, Giroux was.
I agree with you on Briere. I think he is taking a lot of unnecessary crap on this board.....If we would move him for a Pronger or Jbo I would be all for that. As far as Kaberle, I am not sure I would do it for him. Throw in a pick or someone else and get Kaberle and Stajan maybe

I would NOT move him just to clear salary though. You have to completely change the team's philosophy if you are moving him.

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