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03-02-2009, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Brown Angel View Post
I think Suter is a fine player, but certainly not the impact player that Weber has already become. I think it's fairly silly to quibble over the idiosyncrasies of their skill set. Bottom line: Weber is the type of player rarely found and the type one strives to build a team around. Suter is a solid defenseman who contributes, but those of his ilk are much easier to find. I'm curious to know how you guys rate the other d-men we've got.

Enjoying this,
To me... the best way of explaining this is by comparisons around the League.

For our team -- Weber is Pronger and Suter is Neidermayer.

They are incomparable due to their completely different styles. Suter is quicker, faster, better puck-handler, better passer, better positionally, maybe better at stopping the cycle in the defensive zone along the boards, and might have one of the most underrated poke-checks in the NHL period.

Weber on the other hand throws thunderous hits, cannon-like slapshots, and is unmatched at keeping the puck in at the blueline in the offensive zone.

Two different styles that both compliment each other extremely well.

If the game were on the line, and we were down, I would put Weber out there; but if the game were on the line and we were up, I would put Suter out there. Now if the game were tied, I would still probably have to pick Suter.

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