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03-02-2009, 11:20 AM
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Greetings gents. Each of the last 3 years I've created an NFL mock draft creator spreadsheet. (I'm quite an NFL fan...N.Y. Jets but don't hold that against me.) I make this spreadsheet available to whoever wants it as it's an excellent mock draft tool. (I'm just a fan that does this as a hobby so this is not spam and of course there is no charge for the sheet or anything.) Here are some features of the spreadsheet:

- List of over 350 draft eligible college players ranked by an average of a number of nfl draft sites and mock draft sites.
- Ability to view by position.
- Offensive and defensive statistical rankings for teams last year. (Helps you know what area a team is weak in.)
- NFL combine results.
- Full mock draft listing of all seven rounds. (This is up to date as of today but if there are further draft pick trades you will have to update the sheet. also compensatory picks are not awarded until the end of March thus the sheet will have to be updated for those.)
- Easy to use, just type in a number beside the player name and the mock draft sheet is automatically updated.

In the past I emailed these out but that got to be too labour intensive so i have put it up on free file sharing site. Enjoy! (I might get in on this draft if you need another person, I'll just have to check my time. I know you have to be dedicated for these type of drafts.)

Here is the link:

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