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Originally Posted by redmachine54 View Post
A quick check shows Andrei is 17-5-2 when he scores a point; however, a key issue here is that we are using a very selective means of determining a record (where Andrei records a point). The team's record isn't abyssmal when they aren't paired, so it would make perfect sense if Andrei has a winning record when he records a point, but not so much when he's away from Kovalev. Could be that 6 of his wins were with Kovalev, 11 away; I'll look into it in more detail later, but it's definitely possible.
ya thats true..

but just looking at rough numbers

out of andrei's 22 goals..kovy has assisted on only 2 of them

out of kovy's 15 goals...andrei has only assisted on 2 of them

just goes to show how they are two very simliar players who dont gell together.

also with talks about our win/losses..we can look at our current 4 game win streak. the line was placed together but halak was more of a reason why we won them. kovy was also a bigger factor than a-kost in these games scoring 2 goals and 5 assists. a-kost had 0 points.

we can also take a look at when this trio started the season together and the habs started 8-2-2. kovalev had 5 goals and 7 assists(4 pts in 1 game) while andrei had 1 goals and 3 assists. but most of the talk during this streak was about the great play of the koivu/tanguay duo. therefore, we are once again shown that kovy's production has very little to do with a-kost.

our record in these 16 games (albeit a small sample size but i remember the ATAK line was put together in these games which is why i am using it as an example) is 12-2-2. so although we are winning with this is more to do with other important factors like halak playing out of his mind, or very strong play from other top players and then kovy also producing and playing very well. it is safe to say a-kost had a very small impact on these games.

the 17-5-2 record when a-kost scores a point is very vague and as you say some could be when playing with kovy. we all know he played with kovy when he scored all 3 goals against pittsburgh where plekanec set 2 of them up and the 3rd goal was a bullet past fleury. his goal vs st.louis came in another win on the kovy line but once again it was when he went coast to coast. basically, a-kost is to go to guy in these instances and he is the one in control of the puck.

andrei has basically become the player that needs to go check a player on the boards to get puck now. for instance, in the ottawa game last was andrei that checked a guy to force a turnover and passed it to kovy who set up plek for a goal...this is a job pacioretty can do and was doing succesfully when playing with plek and kovy. during this time andrei was with his bro and lang and we were not only winning but we had scored something like 22 goals in 4 games.

it all shows poor player management and not being able to utilize our assets correctly.

if a-kost's play has minimal effect on kovy's production, but, from what the numbers suggest, a-kost's production is hurt by playing with kovy, does it not seem simple as to what should happen?

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