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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Angel, I disagree with some of your points. I too feel Weber is special, but I think you are kidding yourself if you feel Suter has not been better defensively than Shea this year. He has been. I think the comparison of Niedermayer was just used to show how different their overall game is. Suter is a skater and puckhandler. He is nasty along the boards. Weber is a shooter and open-ice hitter. He is also physical along the boards, but he isn't nearly as effective at carrying the puck or moving the puck like Suter. This is the primary reason why Suter is still on the first powerplay unit over Weber (although I will readily agree that it is sheer stupidity to not have Weber on the first PP unit and if given the choice I would have both on that unit or Weber if just one).

As for the TOI comparison, I don't think it computes. We both know Trotz rolls his lines, and as the two are paired together, they should have similar minutes. The past three years in march through the playoffs, I truly do believe Suter was our best or second best defenseman. Hamhuis has always been in the top 3, but he is unable to take his game to another level as Weber and Suter have. Weber has been a beast in those periods as well. Where he ranks overall, I am unsure. Suffice to say that Weber and Suter both bring it in big games, which is all that is important. Weber can be a game-changer/momentum-swinger, Suter is more consistent and better all around IMO at this point in their careers. It probably helps that Suter has an injury free 2007-2008 to build upon that Weber does not. To somewhat agree with you, if I had to choose between the too, it would be Weber, without a doubt.

I won't keep quibbling on who is better, but I must say that I am certain that the only reason Weber is on the second unit is because of what hand he uses to shoot the puck. With Sully on the point, Weber has been pushed back. This drives me batty, as not only do I like Sully better by the net, but Weber is undeniably our greatest PP threat. This is but a tiny portion of my powerplay complaints. I'd like to see Arnott on the point, I think Hamhuis is better at keeping it in (definitely Suter's greatest downfall), I'd like to see Jones in front of the net instead of Bonk, etc., the list goes on and on.

Now how about the rest of our corps? Who can we afford to lose? Who would get us the greatest returns?

Go Preds,

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