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Need to know the rules you are using. No two line pass, offsides called, faceoffs, all that? If so:
1) In 3 vs 3, you never want to chase the puck carrier down low. If he stops behind the net, you want to stay about 10 feet in front of him. It is not your job to cut down that pass necessarily, just give him less room. You want to pressure him as much as possible, into making a BAD pass out of the zone. Under NO circmstances, should he be allowed to leave the goal line and join the rush.
2)In the defensive zone, 3v3, you have to play man to man. Zone doesnt work, there is just too much room. If you consistently have a slow player, stick him in front of the net to clear away passes, and let the quick people chase the puck carriers. The quicker you are on your man, the less time they have to make decisions, esp if the other people are doing their job, and you will create turnovers.
3)There are many things you can do here, I'll just show you our cosom play. You want the fast guy to be the one coming into the zone(for us he was the left winger). SO he comes up the left side, streaking, while the right winger comes to the line, then pulls up and stops high. The left winger go about 1/2 in the zone, where he draws the defesne, then he pushes the puck back, either to the winger on the other side, or the D. This should give you a somewhat triangle type zone. Now, if the player has a lane, he pinches in, and looks for a pass/shot. If there is no lane, keep moving around, and passing it around.(One guy should always be open on the perimeter, the defenseman wont really come too far out). If there is no room, take a shot, crowd the net, rebound.

Like I said, theres alot more, but thats the basic set-up.

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