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03-03-2009, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
Everyone that says our couch sucks yet we keep winning.
My couch at home is very comfy...great place for watching games. Not sure what it has to do with the Flyers winning games...Oh, you mean the COACH. I think my only issue there is that he makes bizarre, indefensible decisions with regularity. The Vandermeer situation last year, Jones playing up regularly when he clearly couldn't, never playing Kukkonen or Vaananen, the admitted lack of practicing the shootout (which cost them how many points?!?!), the weird decision on sitting certain people who make mistakes but not others who make the same lazy mistakes...those are my issues. Does he suck? No, I don't think so. Could I do a better job? Jesus no. Hell, I wouldn't WANT the job. I like seeing my family occasionally.

Everyone that says out GM sucks yet we keep winning.
I don't think Homer sucks, but they need a capologist he'll listen to at some point. Someone needed to tell him that signing Jones for $2.75 million per is crazy.

Every person that said Jones sucks. An before you say its his contract, everyone hated him LAST year. Hes a 3rd apairing dman and people cant accept that and they couldnt accept it when he was paid like one.
Sorry, that's because he does. Too many boneheaded turnovers for my liking. Admittedly, part of the issue here is he gets played too much for his skill level by the coach, but I've never been a big fan of his.

Every person that cries about our goaltending situation. Theres very few elite goalies in the NHL and everyone seems to think homer is an idiot because we dont have one.
Bah, this has been going on for years, and I'm not in that group. If one looks at things realistically, the Flyers have done the best they could. My only complaint might be that it's time to try a new goalie coach.

Every person that complains about cote, theres a few great fighters out thre and we dont have 1, thats the least of our concerns.
I love Rockin' Riles' heart. He's fighting ability, well, could be better. But no one is braver than that dude.

Every person that rips Knuble for not being as good as carter or gagne. Hes a very vital part of this team and yet every game he gets ripped for not having lightning fast speed or soft hands. He could finish a game with a goal, an assist and a penalty and all anyone talks about is how lazy his penalty was.
I've seen a lot less of that lately. I think people are realizing how good he is. I love Knuble. He's a key veteran for this team, and he contributes more than just on the score sheet. But let's not forget how much he contributes. He's scored 20 or more goals every year for the last 6 seasons. That's nothing to laugh at.

Anyway, I think this thread is kinda' weird. Are you all new to following the Flyers or something? Philadelphia fans have always been negative. Well, most of them. The reaction in this thread is want us to all be happy, but then this would be a very boring board. Discussions tend to be driven by disagreements. And while it's odd to find myself on the same side as mikedfr in this kind of argument (see the Eagles threads ), dissent like that serves a vital purpose: being a cause of discussion.

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