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03-03-2009, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
Everyone that says our couch sucks yet we keep winning.

Everyone that says out GM sucks yet we keep winning.

Every person that said Jones sucks. An before you say its his contract, everyone hated him LAST year. Hes a 3rd apairing dman and people cant accept that and they couldnt accept it when he was paid like one.

Every person that cries about our goaltending situation. Theres very few elite goalies in the NHL and everyone seems to think homer is an idiot because we dont have one.

Every person that complains about what a waste metro was. People act like he was relied on to be a top offensive player. If he sucked as bad as people said he wouldnt have been picked up when we waived him.

Every person that cried about how terrible Alberts was when he first came here, hes a 3rd pairing dman, what do you expect?

Every person that complains about cote, theres a few great fighters out thre and we dont have 1, thats the least of our concerns.

Every person that rips Knuble for not being as good as carter or gagne. Hes a very vital part of this team and yet every game he gets ripped for not having lightning fast speed or soft hands. He could finish a game with a goal, an assist and a penalty and all anyone talks about is how lazy his penalty was.

Everyone that complains that Coburn isnt the best dman in the world. Hes no longer playing with a top dman in the league yet people think he should not only be a shut down dman but also put up 50 points. Hes young and still developing and nobody cares to give him time.

Thats who said or implied it.
So we all have to drink the Kool Aid and love everything this team does????

Sorry....If that is what you are looking for go elsewhere.

This team should be the 4th or 5th best team in the league easily....not the conference. The coach is seriously holding them back cause he cant get this team to play like a team on a consistent basis. We still get outshot consistently....we still suck at even strength....we still rarely win unless we score 2-3 power play goals in a game. We have a group of very mobile dmen and still cant move the puck out of the zone. Player that deserved to be playing were sitting in the press box.

Hey, you can be happy with this team if you want. I am happy they dont suck like they did a couple year ago, but I am also a little pissed off cause we should be playing much better than we are when you look at this roster top to bottom and compare it to the other top teams in the league.

Only San Jose, Detroit, Boston are CLEARLY better than we are. And I would probably give the Devils the edge as well. However, our defense 1-6 (before the Havelid addition) is SIGNIFICANTLY more talented than the Devils, yet they were able to get into first place without arguably the greatest goalie of all time and a career minor leaguer taking over......Why? A GOOD COACH AND GOOD STEADY DEFENSIVE SYSTEM THAT DOESNT GIVE UP 1000 SHOTS PER GAME

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