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03-03-2009, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Opus View Post
How about carrying a conversation without throwing insults, or does it makes you feel better? If it does, and you want to call me all's all good, but it's not very becoming of you mikey.

You think you're capable of coaching/GM'ing an NHL franchise?

I think you need the right amount of smarts, combined with win.

Briere was a no brainer??? Explain.

You like to complain that Jones is killing the cap, but dismiss Briere. I think if you're going to label Jones' contract as 'bad', you need to look a little closer to that of Brieres.

Yeah, okay. Your negativity reigns supreme. Like I said in my other post, you want to pick on the bad...then give credit where credit is due.

I'm sure they think lot's of things, just like you and I do. We win some, and we lose some. Upshall is a nice little player, has a hard time scoring but brings some nice energy to the team...I like him. At least when he's not scoring, he's still an effective player.

Well done, something positive. See, you can do it.

Jones got what he was worth to what defenseman were getting. He's a good NHL defenseman, plays both the special team and is a great skater.

Idiot? Stevens? Calder Cup winning coach? Coach that brought us to the ECF last season?

Again, if you actually thought Jones was going to get waived...I really don't know what to tell you. For the tenth time....Ossi wasn't even playing until Kimmo came down with the flu. You're crying over Ossi Vaanenen??? The guy wasn't even in the NHL last good can he be???

Easy tiger, take a deep breath.

Are you insinuating that were not a good team???

You're getting all wound about competing, or not competing...for the Cup and we haven't played a single playoff game.

...think about it for a minute.

What about a 3rd line center making 6.5?

First line defenseman don't need to go to Europe to improve their game, sorry.

First line defenseman don't play for 6 teams inb 10 years. Give it up.

Ossi Vaanenen is a solid guy to add depth to your team, would be nice to have, agreed...but please don't paint him as more than he really is. And for the record, I wish he was still here, I do...but I'm not going to lose sleep over losing a guy that played what...2 games in 1-1/2 weeks?

Ask the coach, don't ask me. I'm sure he had his reasons.

I'm not saying he's trouble or anything...but do you know all there is to know about the inner workings of the team? If certain guys cause trouble...maybe don't gel with the team...don't take practise know, the list goes on. Perhaps, just maybe perhaps...there's more than you and I know about.

That makes two of us, but it's done and it can't be changed. Time to move on.

Disregard my question/comment above.

Weren't all the other teams in the same situation? Or just Stevens team?

What championship teams have you coached? (NHL09 doesn't count)

We had some very nice goaltending and rode the wave...agreed.

Give some credit where it's due.

Hitch doesn't favour young kids, and that's no secret. I don't think you see Richards with as many points now as he would if Hitch were here now.

Since Hitch is so good with kids, why is Filatov in the AHL?

You don't think the length of the Briere contract was too much???


Yes, they did. The same goalie that they sent home last week.

Okay, we've agreed that 'we' feel that they are doing their best. Step one, accomplished. Thank you. If you truly feel that they are doing the best they can, why rag on every little thing?

I mean, you're married. What if you made the best effort to do things around the house and your wife just nitpicked every little thing to death. Nobody is perfect, nobody.


When you post things that make no sense in the real NHL world, it only leads me to believe that you're in NHL09 mode.

Example: If Jones' contract is so bad, and he's so awful...why would anybody else want him??? If Carle is overpayed...why would anybody else want him??? If Lupul at 4.25 is way too streaky...why would anybody else want him???

That's why XBox and PS3 have 'something' to do with it.

It's not realistic until it happens. I don't think Lupul and Carle get it done personally. Unless the prospect is JVR, then maybe. I think the package would have to be Lupul, Coburn and JVR.

Vaanenen is point even discussing about keeping him.

*For the record, 3rd straight game Vaanenen isn't playing for the Canucks. I guess Alain Vigneault is a '****ing idiot' too???

The games matter everything based on how and the other experts here suggest it's disgusting to lose to the Canadiens.

- The Sharks are a better team than the Flyers, fact. Why should they lose to the Canadiens?

- The Red Wings are better than the Flyers, fact. 8 goals against to the Preds??? The Preds aren't known to score many goals.

It matters because you're not going to win every game...these things happen.


I refuse to read this much stuff.

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