Thread: McKenzie: Canucks chasing Bouwmeester
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03-03-2009, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
This makes no sense. We aren't giving him away, we'll be getting something in return. The deal which should be made should be the one that makes the team better not at the expense of trading him out of conference just so we have to avoid the possibility of playing him.
but you have to balance everything out...

if you're making your team slightly better by moving him, but a rival that you can face in the 1st round considerably better, doesn't it make more sense to just keep him?

I'm not suggesting that the panthers give him away to the west instead of trading him to the East, but IMO as far as value goes, all things being equal you move him to the West, and unless a playoff team in the East severely overpays for him making your team considerably better, more so than the team you could face in the 1st round, you're better off just holding on to JBo for a playoff run.

After so many years not making the playoffs, giving away tickets in that market this year, you'd think that there is a huge emphasis on the playoffs this year... and sitting only 3 pts up on a 9th place spot, trading JBo can't be a given at this point...

IMO they look at a good pkg that helps their team this year from the West... if they can't find it, they should hold on to him instead of improving a rival team more than you'd be able to improve your own team by dealing him.

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